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My Training & Approach to Therapy

My career started in Nursing and I currently hold a valid practicing R.N. license. My interests lay in helping people heal physically and emotionally. I hold a diploma in Parish Nursing which emphasizes spiritual healing and thereby looks at the whole person. Having had a career in Nursing, I’ve been given a unique perspective and lens through which I engage with others.

As I found myself navigating through life transitions, I looked for ways to stay engaged with learning and my community. The challenges I have experienced along the way have made me more effective in working with others experiencing the same. In 2019 I completed a Master’s degree in Counselling at City University in Seattle. I currently hold membership through the B.C Association of Clinical Counsellors granting me the privilege of practicing as a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

I have completed Level 2 training in Gottman couples therapy. The Gottman approach includes an assessment and treatment approach based on the ‘Sound Relationship House Theory.’ The interventions are designed to address areas such as friendship, conflict and creation of shared meaning. The Gottman’s work culminates over 40 years of research.


My approach to therapy is eclectic. It is always my hope that the conversations we have will bring clarity in a way that helps you make sense of the patterns and interactions in your life that are not serving you. I am drawn to a strength-based or solution focused approach for the way it encourages you to access your own capacity and skills to become “unstuck” in your current situation. I resonate with what is called Family or Systemic therapy because of how it addresses the problems people present within the context of their relationships.

At times I take an existential approach as it emphasizes discussing issues such as; the meaning of life, death, and one’s purpose. I embrace those who struggle with or seek comfort/strength within the context of their faith practices. Narrative therapy, a more post-modern approach, encourages people to find solutions to minimize their problems. We look at the stories that have informed your experiences and help you to separate yourself from your problem. I find this a respectful and non-blaming approach to therapy. However, I do use a variety of techniques, trying to find the one that will work best for you. You always have the right to refuse anything I suggest.

A career in Nursing has given me a unique perspective and lens through which I engage with others. I have spent years learning about therapeutic communication and interpersonal relationships. In doing so, I developed a practice that strengthened my capacity to care and listen to others in an unbiased way, respecting others and respecting diversity. My training as a nurse also equips me to see the intersections of the physical and emotional aspects of persons and how balance is needed to create health.

Recently I have co-facilitated a psycho-educational group on Shame / Resilience and continue to be interested on how individuals can recognize the triggers that reinforce shame in people’s lives which ultimately  lead to disconnection and a sense of not belonging.

I continue to develop professionally in the areas of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma and Attachment Across the Lifespan and Foundations of Narrative Therapy Practice Training. I have also completed Level 2 Gottman training for couples therapy.